Lusty for Art

Last night I had the priveledge, the honor, the pure joy of touring Charlotte Dixon’s private collection at her home in Ansley Park.  This was a one of Mary Stanley’s Young Collector’s Club events (which, if you don’t know about this fantastic group, definitely check it out).  Per the club’s (and my personal) MO, we chatted and socialized over cocktails first, and then got down to business.

Let me start off by saying Charlotte is high energy and fun and the most enthusiastic person about art I have ever met.  She makes you want to buy art.  But since I already want to buy art, she makes me want to have enough money to buy all the art I want.  I would be happy just to move in with her.  I floated the idea, but she didn’t really jump on it.

Her collection has tons of photography, from black and white masters to contemporary unknowns.  Her taste is amazing and varied.  Seeing all the work on her walls gives you confidence to branch out and buy (or desire to buy) more adventurous and diverse pieces.

"Split" by Marilyn Minter (2003) This image sits above the mantle in a front room of Charlotte's home. It also symbolizes the lust I feel for her collection!

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1 Response to Lusty for Art

  1. mary stanley says:

    Marilyn Minter’s piece is truly edible and delicious art. Bravo Jennifer for capturing my favorite image in Charlotte’s collection. The Young Collectors Club membership just took a wonderful leap..welcome new members Jennifer & Michael, Charlotte & David, Jessica, Leslie, Travis, Wendy, Donna, Suzanne and Areka!! xxxxooo

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