Crotchet Me a River

Saturday night was Dorothy O’Connor’s third annual Tableau Vivant party for Atlanta Celebrates Photography.  In case you aren’t up on your fancy French. . .

Dorothy builds the most intricate and awe-inspiring scenes.  She starts with an empty garage and creates a unique world down to the most meticulous details.

This year she kept the scene under wraps until the big reveal on the night of the party.  I was lucky enough to be privy on the general gist of the project and got regular reports on the progress of the build.  I even contributed some blue yarn, and my kids diligently collected shells on two beach vacations this summer.  After seeing the scene in person, I can see that the roll and a half of yarn and small ziplock baggie of shells was more of a thoughtful token than a meaningful contribution to the project.  The sheer volume of items in the scene is beyond comprehension, and something you can only get a hint of from seeing the photograph.

I would love to see someone make a documentary around the next scene Dorothy builds.  It would be fascinating to see the empty space evolve step by step into the fantasy she dreams up in her head.

"Crocheting the Ocean" by Dorothy O'Connor

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