Who loves NY?

um, everyone?

Our New York in the 1940s show opens this Saturday night, 7-10pm.  We are showing vintage photographs from the Howard Greenberg Gallery in NYC.  Howard Greenberg is one of the world’s preeminent photography dealers and is an authority on 19th and 20th Century photography.  Greenberg represents and exhibits photographs by many acknowledged masters including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edward Weston, and Walker Evans, and has developed a reputation for rediscovering significant photographers from the past and establishing a market for their work.  So in other words, he’s a photography bad-ass.  For real.

And what’s even more bad-ass?  We have this Berenice Abbott photograph hanging in the gallery right now.  As I type.  With extra lights shining on it, it’s so fantastic.

“Triple Bridge” by Berenice Abbott

Two photographs have pre-sold.  To check them all out, go to our website (or visit in person, of course!):  www.jenniferschwartzgallery.com/exhibit/8

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1 Response to Who loves NY?

  1. vrba says:

    Utterly Bad Ass. Makes me want to start driving to Atlanta right now!

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