Kendrick + David = Rock Stars

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. . . these two are rock stars.  For real.  Photo rock stars.  You may have caught my previous post where I gushed shamelessly about meeting these two.  I may have embarrassed myself with that one a wee bit, but now I feel redeemed since it seems that others have jumped on my praise bandwagon.

Kendrick Brinson’s Sun City work was just named a Critical Mass winner, and David Walter Banks’ is a Magnum Expression Award finalist.  Rock it.

Critical Mass is a program produced by Photo Lucida (a photo festival in Portland, Oregon) with the goal of providing career opportunities to emerging and mid-career photographers from around the world.  Photographers submit a 10-image portfolio, and then the submissions are pared down to 175 top finalists (Kendrick is top 50 – holla!).  The top finalists get their work reviewed a jury of approximately 200 of the world’s best curators, editors, and other professionals who have agreed to view and vote on these Finalists.  From these votes, at least one photographer is chosen to receive a book award.  For photographers, Critical Mass is all about exposure.  Exposure, exposure, exposure.  And this year there will be a Top 50 exhibit during Photo Lucida in April.  I will be there as a reviewer for the portfolio review and couldn’t be more excited to see this show!

"Sun City: 50th Anniversary Parade" by Kendrick Brinson

The Magnum Expression Award was established by Magnum Photos to “raise awareness and inspire change through photography”.  The judges looked for compelling, fresh and engaging projects that reveal more than a surface expression of the subject matter.  David’s project, “The Fourth Wall”, is one of 19 finalist – chosen from over 150 entries from around the world.  The awards are insane – I stopped reading after I saw the $10,000 grant to the first place winner.  That can buy you some film.  Martin Parr is one of the judges, and had I known, I could have considered putting in a good word for David when I was eating at his table during the ACP auction a few weeks ago.  As it was, I was too nervous he would take an unflattering picture of me when I wasn’t looking to carry on any kind of coherent conversation with him.

from "The Fourth Wall" by David Walter Banks

Just realized I really buried the lead here, but both of these bodies of work will be shown at the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery!  “Escape” opens on Saturday, January 29 –

In a time of war and recession, people seek escape.  Atlanta photographers David Walter Banks and Kendrick Brinson explore the theme of escapism through two new photographic bodies of work.

It’s gonna rock.

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4 Responses to Kendrick + David = Rock Stars

  1. Nata says:

    well this is GREAT kendrick!!!

    Congratulations! Great job!

  2. kathleen says:

    They are indeed total rock stars. Can’t wait to see their work in your gallery!

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