I like to think of Thanksgiving as the pause button in the middle of an otherwise frantic and crazy fall.  Fall is always a busy time for me, both personally and professionally, and in the midst of all that crazy, it is easy to lose sight of what I am thankful for.

I’m thankful for my uber-supportive husband.  Although he’s partially motivated by the hope that I will become a (financially) successful gallerist, and he will be able to retire and live a life of leisure, he gets my goals, my passion, my drive to do this.  I’m thankful for my kids who keep me grounded, give me soul-strengthening hugs, and give me moments of beauty more powerful than any photograph.

I’m thankful for the photographers who inspire me, from the students who want to live off of their art to the professionals who do.  I’m thankful for the work I get to see and the knowledge that there is more fabulous work out there than I could see in a lifetime.

I am thankful for the book “How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery”, and I am thankful that I didn’t read it before I started one (or else I never would have – it’s incredibly intimidating!).  I’m thankful for all the people who give me their support, share their knowledge, and allow me to literally write down every word they say in my little green notebook.  I’m thankful for the people who read this blog, assuming there are people who do.  I’m thankful I kind of don’t know for sure if anyone does.

I am thankful for the photographers I represent.  For Lori who is my partner in all things.  For Lisette who makes images just weird enough to rock my world.  For Jennifer, oh how I love thee.  For Tari, who updates her Facebook status in Spanish, but I’m sure she is saying something profound, just like her photographs.  For Michael who brings the lovely.  For Mario, who is a class act.  And for Ryan.

But Ryan gets his own paragraph, that’s how thankful I am.  I am thankful to have such an amazing person and photographer on my team.  I am thankful that he seems to know so many people who “owe him a favor”.  I am thankful that he is a virtual Rainman about photographers and photographic history.  I am thankful he will get me a diet coke, even though I have officially quit them.  I am thankful that he has my back and when I ask him if I am being crazy, he tells me no, even though we both know I am.

I am also thankful for the Megans.  Gallery Meghan is always so professional, organized, and put-together, and who wouldn’t be thankful for that?  And I’m thankful for 3M, who seems to be embracing the nickname and this whole photography thing.

There is plenty, plenty more to be thankful for, but I’ll leave it at that, before you get too thankful that I’m done writing this post.

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