New Year, New Fun

I couldn’t be more excited for 2011.  Not that I have anything against 2010.  It was a stellar year.  I could not have dreamed the gallery would have grown like it has.  We are showing work that makes me proud to my core.  Our photographers are getting recognized on a national level.  We are amassing a group of collectors that are young, energetic, enthusiastic, and excited to learn about photography.

But 2011.  2011 is going to rock.

Our line-up of shows is ridiculous.  Diverse, interesting, inspiring.  Photographers you want to see, and photographers you need to know about.

We are starting the year with Escape, featuring two award-winning LUCEO Images photographers, David Walter Banks and Kendrick Brinson.  Each will present a separate body of work but both are linked by exploring the notions of escapism, whether from reality or the mundane of the every day.  Banks will exhibit The Fourth Wall and Brinson will exhibit Sun City:  Life After Life.  The opening reception is Saturday, January 29 from 7-10pm.  There will also be an artist talk on Thursday, February 3 at 7pm.

Now I know I’ve gone on and on in previous blog posts (see here and here) about the sheer awesome-ness that is Kendrick and David, so I need not repeat myself here and look like even more of a stalker fan.  The good news is you will now get to come to the show and see for yourself.  Stalker fans unite!

In conjunction with the Escape show, we will also be showing the work of Italian-born photographer Mario DiGirolamo’s 1950’s silver gelatin prints.  The entire print room will be devoted to selections from his series (and book by the same title), Sun and Shadow.

And this is all just in January.  See what I mean.  2011 is going to blow your mind.


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