Ryan is Awe.Some.

And now he’s totally embarrassed too.  But really, he’s awesome.

I have said it before – Ryan Nabulsi* is an enigma.  There are so many incongruous parts to his life and his personality, but they are all awesome.  Awe.some.  Maybe he’s more like a chameleon or a Renaissance man.  In any event, I am convinced he can do anything (or he knows someone who knows someone who owes him a favor who can).

Two days ago I asked him if he could give a talk on the history of abstract photography during the first Thursday gallery walks.  He said sure.  Tonight, an hour before the talk, he came in to the gallery, and I asked him if he had been practicing the talk.  He said he was about to write it.  Gulp.  About seven minutes later he was done.  With notecards.  (Apparently, he was on his high school’s award-winning debate/public speaking team.  Enigma.)

Watch and learn people.  This gem is going viral.

Click on the image to watch the video - about 15 minutes of brilliance.

*Ryan is the assistant gallery director at the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery.  He is also one of our represented photographers.  See his amazing work here.

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