Plates to Pixels Self Image Show

Blue Mitchell, creator of the online photography gallery, Plates to Pixels and fine art magazine, Diffusion, invited me to co-jury Plates to Pixels‘ 4th annual juried show – Self Image.  It was a wonderful experience and the show is diverse and strong.  Please take a minute and take a look. . .

Click on the image above to go to the Plates to Pixels site and view the show

Direct link:

My juror’s statement:

“Self-portraits fascinate me. As a commercial portrait photographer and a fine art photography gallerist, looking at any type of fine art portrait puts me in a unique position to look through both sets of photography eyes. But self-portraiture takes both of my photography backgrounds and adds an element of awe, surprise and wonder, because I don’t think I could ever, ever make one.

Creating a self-portrait is as daunting to me as someone giving me a bolt of white lace and telling me to make a wedding dress. I know a gorgeous one when I see it, but conceptualizing my own version lies just out of reach.

So you can imagine how thrilling jurying this show with Blue Mitchell has been. There were so many images that surprised me and so many that took my breath away. Nhung Dang’s haunting black and white pinhole images transport you beyond the limits of a traditional self-portrait, where you are hyper-aware that you are looking at an image of another person, and allow you to connect on an intimate, personal level. The Feltus Brothers’ elaborately conceived sets are like looking at a whole life with humor and quirky sensibility. Kelly Flynn’s painted body photographs are sharp and clever. Like the Feltus brothers, she is physically in the image, but the photograph is not a window into her innermost self, but instead a smart twist on the idea of self-portraiture.

Thank you to all of the photographers who submitted work to this show and to Blue Mitchell for giving me the opportunity to jury this spectacular show with him. I have loved every minute of it.” ~Jennifer Schwartz

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