Holga, you defeated me.

A while back I wrote a post about a particularly disappointing experience I had with a Holga.  The quick version:  high hopes, much enthusiasm, shooting spree, film developed, devastation.  After the Fantastic Plastic show we had in the fall, I got a renewed enthusiasm and decided to give it another go.  The quick version:  see above.

Somehow in the span of one year, either the $25 camera deteriorated in functionality, or I did.  Now I’m not saying I’m a master photographer, but I do have a pretty successful portrait business, and I know how to take a picture.  Unfortunately, each of these images look like I had a seizure when I pressed the shutter button.

So it is official.  I am moving on.  Not looking back.  I have been bested by a piece of cheap plastic, masquerading as a really cool camera.  Bitter?  A bit.

See for yourselves. . .

The best in the bunch. A Christmas tree. (fyi, I'm Jewish.)

Love the vignette. The rest can suck it.

a particularly spazy one

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3 Responses to Holga, you defeated me.

  1. Jeani Elbaum says:

    I believe that a button on the bottom of your camera may be set in the “bulb” setting. Since all these shots look a little blurry – like a shutter drag. I have an old Holga that I bought about 10 years ago and a newer one that I purchased about 1 year ago. The newer one has the bulb setting. I am not home at the moment so cannot look at the camera to advise you, but I believe the button is on the bottom and it can easily be toggled into the “bulb” setting without your knowledge. I know of another person who had images that looked like these. I checked her camera out for her and found it to be set on “bulb.” Hope this helps. I hate to see someone be defeated by the Holga! Here is an interesting shot I took using my Holga: http://www.jeanielbaum.com/Site/Potential%20Regret.html

    BTW – I love the one of the little girl on the beach.

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