25 Things You Don’t Know about Us – Kendrick & David

Fresh off of a huge show two nights ago in NYC and gearing up for their show at Jennifer Schwartz Gallery next Saturday night, Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks still managed to pull together this list.  It’s fascinating people.  An eye freckle?  Really?  I think it may be the secret to her photography magic, and I wish I had one.

Here it is. . . 25 Things You Don’t Know About Kendrick Brinson & David Walter Banks
1)    We are both vegetarians.
2)    The same teacher (Jim Virga) inspired us to become documentary photographers in college.
3)    We were both Chief Photographer at UGA’s daily student newspaper, at different times.
4)    Kendrick has freckles all over, including one in her left eye.
5)    David shoots with his right eye.
6)    Kendrick shoots with her left eye.
7)    We have an asthmatic cat that requires a human inhaler twice a day.
8)    David is super tidy and Kendrick can live in filth.
9)    We started dating when we lived 8 1/2 hours apart, not when we went to the same university.
10)    We celebrate our fifth anniversary this year on the fifth day of the fifth month.
11)    We are each others’ muse.
12)    David’s nickname for Kendrick is Squeek.
13)    Kendrick’s nickname for David is Butter.
14)    David is a night owl.
15)    Kendrick wakes up with lots of energy and slowly gets more and more sleepy throughout the day.
16)    David’s hair started going grey when he was 16-years-old.
17)    In high school, a Buddhist monk slept across the hall from Kendrick every weekend.
18)    David prefers Coke.
19)    Kendrick prefers Pepsi.
20)    David prefers dogs but cats are growing on him.
21)    Kendrick prefers cats but a certain dog is growing on her.
22)    We have a growing collection of tattoos by Atlanta artist Danielle Distefano .
23)    We just bought a house that’s about to celebrate it’s 100th birthday.
24)    A corner of our hearts belongs to Latin America.
25)    For us, photography is always personal and emotional when shot for ourselves or our clients.

Aren’t they lovely?  Be sure to mark your calendars for next Saturday night, January 29.

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