My professorial debut

Last week I was asked to give a lecture to a Business of Photography class at SCAD.  The professor, Forest McMullin, and I have gotten to know each other through the gallery and our mutual friendship with Ryan.  When he asked if I would come in, he explained that they have guest speakers each week to discuss a different aspect of the photography business.  Since I am a portrait photographer and gallerist, he thought I could speak to both of those professions.

The class is two and a half hours long.  Forest told me not to worry, I wouldn’t have to talk the whole time.  I told Forest not to worry, talk I can do.  Two and a half hours?  Talking about myself?  Brace yourself people, I could go on all day long.  A captive audience of impressionable youth. . . was it my birthday?

The experience did not disappoint.  Well, it didn’t disappoint me, anyway.  It was really interesting for me to explain my story from start to present.  I did not go to school for this, had no gallery experience, and had precious little industry knowledge.  But I am in it, full on, and I love it.

I did caution the students to perhaps not use my haphazard approach as a model for themselves.  Whenever I get an idea to try something completely new, untested and a little insane, 95% of the feedback I get sounds a little something like, “You’re going to do WHAT?!?!?”.  The other 5% (I prefer to think of these people as “the smart ones”) say, “How do you think of this shit?  You’re going to kill it.”

Those 5% know some important things about me:  I love a challenge (I devour it, I learn it, I l.o.v.e. it); I’m tenacious and a little bit scrappy, so I won’t let myself fail; and I’m more than a little bit crazy.  It’s not always a pretty combination (just ask Ryan about the days when I get one of my Big Ideas), but it works for me.  And it was exciting to talk about.  It’s not often I get a chance to step back look at the journey.

Forest said he thought it went well, that the students appreciated my straight-forward demeanor.  He also assured me they were not offended by my rabid use of the f-bomb.  (Sorry, Nanny – my grandmother and loyal blog reader)

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3 Responses to My professorial debut

  1. Nanny Bendheim says:

    I forgive you for the f-bomb – I’m so proud of you that I can forgive most anything.

    Love you!!!

  2. Shannon Katz says:

    I love it and I feel you lady. We should always do exactly as we please and throw the F bomb out to the 95% haters.

  3. david bram says:

    I am sure you rocked it and taught those kids a thing or two

    You are a force to be reckoned with and everyone is just starting to realize it.

    ATL is lucky to have you.

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