25 Things You Don’t Know About Me – David Bram

As an homage to my favorite smut magazine, US Weekly, we started doing this segment, 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me.  I was started us off, then we featured David & Kendrick (photographers of our current Escape exhibit), and now we are featuring the illustrious David Bram.

Here are a few things you do know about David.  He is a fine art photographer and the editor, founder, and curator of Fraction Magazine, an online venue dedicated to fine art photography.  He is also one of the three reviewers for our new program, coming to Atlanta May 6-7, Roundtable Review (deadline is March 18).

OK, get ready.  David Bram, unplugged:

1 – I was born on Long Island NY.
2 – I believe anything is possible.
3 – Photography is very important to me.
4 – I wish I was a better photographer.
5 – I really love doing portfolio reviews.
6 – I have a wrist watch fetish.
7 – I spend too much time on Facebook and Twitter.
8 – I love road trips.
9 – My most prized camera is my Canon AE-1 that was given
to me by my father.
10 – I have not used my darkroom in over a year.
11 – I’m sick of the film vs. digital debate that is still going on.
12 – I’m terrified to speak in public.
13 – I think a positive attitude can get you anywhere.
14 – I think sleep is overrated.
15 – I don’t have a favorite photographer. I have many favorite photographers.
16 – Chocolate and Makers Mark is quite good.
17 – I photographed my daughter, when she was about 2 minutes old,
with my Hasselblad.
18 – Radiohead is the greatest band of all time.
19 – My favorite photo book is
20 – I wish I could have met Edward Weston.
21 – I think the Weston Daybooks should be required reading for photo majors.
22 – Vanilla Latte’s are my drink of choice.
23 – I think there is some great work on Flickr.
24 – I own more than 15 pairs of jeans.
25 – I have many opinions.
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6 Responses to 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me – David Bram

  1. Ann George says:

    Jennifer, I love these! However, David left out what his favorite thing to do was after reviewing his last review-ee!

  2. if you make a root beer float with good vanilla ice cream and good root beer then add 1/2-1 shot of maker’s mark to it, OMG, good. it brings out the herbal essence of the root beer.

  3. Laura Moya says:

    David, I did notice you had nice jeans! I also noticed you were a great public speaker, so kudos!

  4. david bram says:

    I love doing shots of Jack with review-ee’s after the event is finished.

    Everyone relaxes and begins to have some fun.

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