Life Support Japan Silent Auction March 19th 11am-5pm

I wanted to update everyone on the progress of the auction.  Our website is live and is constantly being updated.  It can be found here, The final images and Lot Numbers for the auction should be finalized Friday afternoon, by 3pm.

We will start accepting pre-bids at 5PM (Eastern Time) until 7PM Friday March 18th.  In order to place a pre-bid or absentee bid in general please complete this form and email it to  You may copy and paste this into the body of the email.  Also in the body of the email, put the Lot Number and Bid for the piece you would like.  You will receive a confirmation with a Paddle Number that you will use for the rest of the auction. Absentee bids will also be taken during the auction on Saturday March 19th from 11AM-5PM.  When placing an in-person bid during the auction, we will ask you to fill out a bidder card to receive a Paddle Number that you will use to bid on works.  The auction closes at 5PM and no more absentee or in-person bids will be taken.  Winners will be notified later that evening.

Thank you everyone who has donated your amazing photography to the auction, provided advice and support, or the hands to prepare the gallery for Saturday.  This has been an amazing effort to be a part of that sprang up overnight.  For those of you who are just finding out about the Life Support Japan community, there will be more ways to get involved in the future.  The effort has created a separate blog that continues to seek more ways to raise money to help aid relief in Japan.  (

When I heard about the earthquake, I knew I had to help.  My mom had spent the previous 6 years in Japan at Yakota AFB teaching the 6th and 7th graders.  She was so far away, yet I always felt she was taken care of.  She would always tell me stories of complete strangers helping her find the correct train in Tokyo, or carry her groceries back to her apartment, or any countless things that made my Mom’s life a little easier in a far away land where she was away from all family.  They made her part of their family and made her home a little more comfortable.  Luckily, she was transferred this previous summer to the Azores, where she continues to teach middle school, and is no longer in Japan.  However, in order to repay in some small way all the kindness that was showed to my Mom, I knew I had to help.  Thank you everyone who has made this possible.

Take Care,
Ryan Nabulsi


About ryannabulsi

Photographin' since 1983. Recieved my BA in Philosophy from Bates College and a MFA in Photography from SCAD-ATL.
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One Response to Life Support Japan Silent Auction March 19th 11am-5pm

  1. Hazel Berger says:

    This was a fun event on Saturday. And, a great idea. The gallery was the place to be on the art walk. It was especially neat to recognize photographers’ works like Dorothy O’Conner and Anne Berry without the signage.

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