The move, the chaos, the reveal

If you have been keeping up with the crazy that is my life, you know that we moved the gallery two weeks ago to a much larger (and so incredibly awesome) space on the Westside.  And by “we”, I mean that I signed the lease on a Tuesday, drove a U-Haul of stuff to the new space on a Sunday, and then left to go to AIPAD in NYC while Ryan and Meghan dealt with the contractors, the mess, and pulling together a last-minute silent photography auction to raise money for Japan.  Go team!

Here are some photos from the journey.  As you will see, I was way into documenting the exciting, beginning part.  Once we got to the new space and the walls weren’t built yet, the photo enthusiasm ground to a halt.  And then there are some pictures from Megan Huntz’s fashion event this past Friday night.

Self-portrait, picking up the U-Haul

day one, hour one - still very excited

taking a break

taking down the logo


pulling away

We're here! Wait - where are the walls?

fast-forward 10 days, one trip to NYC (me), crazy hours and lots of hard work (Ryan & Meghan), and you have this lovely event

models in front of a portion of our current show, "Taken by the Fog" by Lisette de Boisblanc

one more picture from the event, showing the back gallery space

I feel the need to say again how fortunate I am to have Ryan Nabulsi and Meghan Walter on my team, in my life.  I couldn’t have done this move (or much else) without them.  Make sure to give them lots of high-fives and maybe buy them a beer the next time you see them.  They deserve it.

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