Still. Life. – isn’t it though?

Oh blog, how I’ve neglected you so.  In the past month, I have moved out of the old gallery, into the new gallery, gone to NYC to check out AIPAD, raised nearly $7000 for Japan through a silent photography auction (by “me”, I really mean Ryan on that one), pulled together the new gallery and studio in record time, opened a new show, and hosted a private catered dinner for Julie Blackmon.

It’s still life though, and the world keeps turning and the trash still needs to be taken out, dinner still needs to get made (more scrambled eggs anyone?), the kids still need showers and the baby keeps growing.  But I’m not complaining.  I am so thrilled with all that is happening – how Ryan is stepping up to the plate in a big way and fully embracing his role as gallery director, how the programming we are developing is taking shape in a concrete way with the flexibility our larger space gives us, how stunning this new show looks on our walls.

Still. Life. opened Friday night, and it was incredibly validating to see how the work can breathe in this space and the response everyone had to the show.  Julie Blackmon came in for the opening and to give a talk at SCAD the following day (video to come), and it was such an honor to have her here.  She has such an easy grace and charm and a strong sense of what she is doing with her work.  Lovely but real, soft and strong – like her images.

dinner at the gallery with Julie and collectors

Jennifer Schwartz & Julie Blackmon

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