#photolu – The Reviews and the Ruckus

I love portfolio reviews – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  It is an experience unique to the photo industry, and I regularly encourage photographers to engage in the process for exposure, feedback and networking.

Photolucida was the longest (4 days, two sessions per day, 50+ reviews total) review I have participated in to date, and although a bathroom break would have really made me more constructive and coherent for reviews #5 and #6 (out of 6 in a row), all in all it was amazing, and I hope to have the opportunity to do it again.

The setting:  Portland, Oregon.  It was 50 degrees and rainy the entire week I was there, but I appreciated the authentic Portland experience.  As all seven of my loyal readers know, I have somewhat of a diet coke. . . issue.  I realized that in the past, I tried to quit without a proper substitute.  Portland was my time to become a coffee drinker, and I must say, it is divine.  But if you have ever had a diet coke, you know the caffeine punch is not even close to that of a latte, and I fear a few of my reviews on the first day were profoundly affected by the switch.  But in a good way.  Enthusiasm is always a good thing.  I think.

So it was rainy, there was caffeine, there was a lot of photography.  (If you are new to reading this blog, you should know that I’m not so straight-forward, so if you are looking for a wonderful play-by-play of Photolucida, check out Aline Smithson’s writeup on Lenscratch.)  I will talk about some of my favorites in a bit, but let me first say that I so enjoyed meeting and causing a ruckus with reviewers and participants alike.  I am so fortunate to be part of this wonderful photography community.  To engage in serious discussions about work and trends, then learn some incredible war language to enhance my potty mouth vocab, then grab a drink with some truly outstanding legends in the photo world, then go to a gallery and alternate between engaging in serious discussions about work, utilizing new said potty mouth vocab, and drinking with legends. . . really?  This is my job?  I’ll take it.

I’m running out of steam here (I must need a coffee), so let’s consider this part one of two.  This is the gushy “I heart Photolucida” post, and we’ll save the “I heart this work that I saw” post for later.

Until then, I will leave you with this image.  Very ruckus-y.

David Bram, Jennifer Schwartz and police officer - photo by Jason Houston

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