#photolu – Part 2, as promised

It’s interesting to participate in the portfolio reviews as a gallery owner.  Most photographers that sit down with me are hoping for representation or exhibition opportunities, and to be honest, I am hoping for the same thing.  With each new person that opens their portfolio box, I hold my breath and hope to be blown away.  Sometimes that happens, but most often not.  And not because the work isn’t good, but there are a lot of factors that need to be considered.  First I am looking at the work in a vacuum, but I then need to consider our program, the diversity of our artists, the market for that type of photography. . . But I remember good work.  It stays with me and helps me shape our calendar of upcoming shows.  I think about it at the oddest times and tell lots and lots of people about it.  I guess it haunts me a little, but in the best way.

So after almost a week, here is what is haunting me.

Rachel Barrett:  Bolinas

"Lisa" by Rachel Barrett (from the Bolinas series)

Rachel approached me one afternoon in the hotel lobby when I was on a break between reviews and asked me to look at her work.  She must have seen the glazed look in my eye (a result of the previous night’s ruckus-ing, see previous post) and wisely recommended I get lunch and a coffee first.  I knew I was going to like this girl.  She’s a sharp one.

Her images are spectacular, her edit tight, her concept strong and compelling.  And best yet, she can speak really well about the work.  I cannot stress the importance of this enough.  She spoke about it, I believed it, and I knew the well ran deep – this was just the beginning of amazing work to come from her.  To see more of her work, go to her website.

"Zoe" by Rachel Barrett (from the Bolinas series)

Jennifer B. Hudson:  Flora

Jennifer Hudson is like heaven.  Really.  She is serious and invested but also fresh and open.  She is so calm and unassuming that it was surprising to look at her images and realize there’s something a little twisty in there.  I loved both bodies of work she showed me – Medic and Flora – but something about Flora really stayed with me.  Take a look at her website to see the Medic series and more of the Flora work.

"Flora 1" by Jennifer Hudson (from the Flora series)

Priya Kambli:  Color Falls Down

I have been following Priya Kambli’s work for a year or so now, and I was really excited to see that I would have an opportunity to sit down with her and view her prints.  I was not disappointed.  She is really smart about her approach, and the images are poignant and lovely.  She has a way of making a very unique experience read as universal.  To view more of her work, go to her website.

Muma (Blue Dibiya) by Priya Kambli (from the Color Falls Down series)

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