I refuse to be bested by a $25 camera

The Holga is my nemesis.  In case you missed my previous two posts about this damn toy camera, about once a year I get inspired (demonically possessed?) to take it for a spin.  I get all jazzed up about the totally amazing pictures that I am composing – all vignette-y with a little light leak here and there for effect – and then I get the film back and it blows chunks.

My first experience was disheartening.  My secondwas demoralizing.  And now my third. . . do I have a learning disability?  I’m not looking for greatness here, just a single image worth printing.  Preferably of one of my kids looking particularly cute.  For like, a 5×5 to put next to my bed.  I think I should just get instagram.

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3 Responses to I refuse to be bested by a $25 camera

  1. Aixa Caldera says:

    Do not Despair, You just had a back light leakage, cover your camera with black tape, that is all. It has happened to me, specially in indoor spaces when I have a light source behind me and I do not Freaking notice and the film gets burned with the content on the protective paper.

    Also, I try to shoot now 75% of the time on a Tripod, that has helped tremendously with the images. You will get the hang of it.
    Good Luck.

  2. Jennifer. seems you have a light leak challenge. and i love it. you can fix it like Aixa suggests, or embrace it, shoot with the intention of it messing up…you may be happily surprised if you let loose, no control. 🙂

  3. David C. says:

    Holga photography requires a willingness to modify and repair the camera. I have used Velcro, electrician’s tape, gaffer’s tape, aluminum foil tape, closed cell weather stripping, and epoxy glue to correct various deficiencies of the three I own. Don’t give up.

    Results of my battles against light leaks and camera backs that fall off can be seen at my Flickr photostream.

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