Caption Contest #3 – win this print!

As a regular feature on our blog, we like to test your creativity with a caption contest. So take a look at this amazing image from Aline Smithson, whose work we are currently featuring in our show Still. Life. If you get a hit of cleverness, email us your original caption ( We will choose the top 5, post them here, and open it up to a vote. The author of the best caption wins an 8×10 signed photograph. So take a look and hope you get a witty inspiration (doesn’t have to be witty, but we like funny over here. . .) by the caption deadline – this Friday, May 6.

"Arrangement in Green and Black #3" by Aline Smithson

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2 Responses to Caption Contest #3 – win this print!

  1. Stephen M. Barrett says:

    Waiting for flipper.

  2. Yvonne says:

    How not to ruin a manicure.

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