Roundtable Review Really Rocked

The first ever Roundtable Review just wrapped up on Saturday, and it was an amazing success across the board.  Twenty photographers were accepted into the review, and each had one 30 minute session with the review team (aka the “Goat Grillers”, a name inspired by a great photograph by Katia Ananieva-Hernandez and also by the punchiness that comes from two full days of reviewing) of David Bram, Alexa Dilworth and myself.

This was a new and unique format, and it really worked.  David, Alexa and I all have different photographic backgrounds and perspectives, and we each bring something different to the review table.  Being able to brainstorm together, to bounce ideas off each other, and to build on each other’s comments and insights was incredibly inspirational to me.  I also feel that the quality of feedback the reviewees received in this format was far greater than the sum of the parts.  This sentiment seemed to be echoed again and again by the participants at the Saturday night cocktail party.

The call for submissions said there would be one review prize winner (to be announced shortly) who would have an exhibition opportunity at the gallery.  We saw so much quality work, that several of the participants will be exhibiting at the gallery, and David was able to offer several photographers the opportunity to be featured on Fraction.

This was the first Roundtable Review, but definitely not the last.  Keep an eye out for more Roundtable Review opportunities to come!

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2 Responses to Roundtable Review Really Rocked

  1. Thank you for an amazing experience! The Roundtable format brought together exactly what an energized, rigorous, and healthy critique should be. I got the kind of feedback I was looking for, and I am very thankful to each of you for inviting me to participate. I feel awakened!

  2. Sounds good. And props to you for tweaking the format. At PhotoLucida, it occurred to me that longer meetings (and, necessarily, fewer meetings) could be possibly a good alternative. I do think there is a lot to be said for meeting a lot of people quickly as you never know what will develop out of an incipient relationship but there were several meetings that could have done with more time perhaps… a quick response to the work and a kneejerk reaction or two can result in a show or a follow up opportunity but sometimes it seems you are just getting started when you are out of time. SO, you scurry along, hope to continue that thread of conversation some weeks later via email but it doesn’t really play out that way… anyway, congrats for doing it. Talk is cheap (unless you are paying for a review, ha!) but actually doing something is commendable.

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