Announcing the launch of The Ten

Last Friday (June 10), we launched an exciting web venture called The Ten ( with the work of photographer Rachel Barrett.  We are beyond excited about this project and what we think it can do for photographers and collectors alike.  Straight from the website, here is a bit about The Ten:

If photographers are true to themselves and their art, their focus will be on their work – on making strong images that connect.  And in order for the images to make an impact, move a dialog forward or spark an idea or emotion, they need to be seen.  The best way for a photograph to reach the highest volume of viewers is online.  The photograph and the internet are a beautiful pairing, full of opportunities for photographers and viewers alike.  The cost is low, the exposure is high, the conversation is endless.

The drawback to a photographic body of work having an exclusive online presence is the inability for photographers to receive any direct financial rewards from the exposure.  Photographers want potential patrons to be able to acquire physical prints for their collection, which gives the work a home and permanence.  A traditional gallery allows for this transaction to take place, but often at a great expense (printing and framing costs that come with gallery exhibitions) to the photographer with a much more limited audience.

Jennifer Schwartz Gallery’s mission is to go beyond the traditional gallery model and explore this new contemporary photographic landscape to help our artists move their careers forward and introduce their work to a larger audience.  We want to marry the opportunities for exposure online with the ability to acquire limited edition fine art photographs in order to help photographers reach a large audience and make money to finance the creation of future work.

And so we have created The Ten.

The Ten is a highly curated monthly online exhibit of ten photographic images.  Each image is available at a 13×19 size in an edition of 25 for $250.  Whether a photographer makes a new body of work for The Ten, a guest curator selects images from different photographers, or a photographer self-curates from within his or her existing bodies of work, The Ten is an opportunity for photographers and curators to explore the creative possibilities of pulling together a selection of work with a strong statement and a tight edit.

The uniqueness of The Ten comes from its curation and its exclusivity.  Images on The Ten cannot be sold in any other size in any other location.  Once an image has been included in The Ten, it must be retired from sale.  The only opportunity to purchase that image is on the website for The Ten, and once 25 are sold, it is sold out forever.

The Ten puts up a creative challenge to photographers and curators that we feel is important to keep the medium fresh and relevant.

So explore, create, be inspired.  We bring you, The Ten.

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3 Responses to Announcing the launch of The Ten

  1. jcrowe08 says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I like your idea and wish you success along with the photographers. Along the images are you you planning on posting who the curator is for the collection? Also a statement by the curator about the selections. I would find this an interesting addition to the project.
    Thanks, Jeff Crowe

  2. Jennifer Schwartz says:

    If a single photographer is featured, they are self-curating their Ten, and their artist statement for their Ten is written under their images:, which is the case for the Barrett Ten. If a guest curator puts together a Ten from the work of several photographers, they will write the statement.

    Thanks for your support!

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