Oh blog, I’ve neglected you so.

It’s shameful. Really.  I apologize.  We friends again?

For me, summer has traditionally been a time to dive into long-neglected projects and tackle some personal goals.  Last summer I made the mistake/fortunate decision/mistake/fortunate decision to read “How To Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery”.  The mistake may have been not reading it before I started a commercial art gallery, but that propelled me into a whirlwind of organization and forms creation (to the horror of my staff) that I’ve only recently recovered from.  Just in time for this summer. . .

So this is my summer of strategy and personal edification.  We are in the mountains for the month, and although being with the kids all day is not so good for scholarship, I feel I’m getting a lot done.  Learning, planning, making work.  All good things.

Someone (very wise) advised me to make a list of things I have achieved in the past year and a list of goals for the upcoming year.  I, of course, have been avoiding this task like the plague.  I’m not sure why, but it seems intimidating and scary.  But hear this – it’s coming in the next blog post.  And that blog post will be soon.


me - thinking, reflecting, drinking. . .

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3 Responses to Oh blog, I’ve neglected you so.

  1. Joyce Dade says:

    I enjoyed reading this tell all statement/confession/post. Thank you for sharing and know that many others are going through the same sense of guilt and recrimination in varying degrees. Summer is what it is and blogs sometimes do have to wait for the heatwave to pass. Congrats on your gallery project, it sound exciting and with kids in the mix, you appear as a super-woman! Your blog will forgive you I am sure. I too have sinned and it’s been two whole weeks before any update. 🙂 Have a wonderful summer and free yourself of guilt, just enjoy!

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