Successes, Goals. . . I’m already sweating

I don’t know why I’m stressing about this – I’m just going to dive right in.  (Knowing of course I can always delete post, if necessary.)

Successes in the past year:

1.  I expanded the gallery and started representing artists.

2.  I became involved with the larger photographic community (outside Atlanta) and was invited to participate in several portfolio reviews and festivals, including curating at the Lishui Photo Festival in China this November.

3.  Moved the gallery to a bigger, better, more vibrant location in Atlanta.

4.  Launched The Ten to give photographers and collectors new opportunities and capture the potential of online exposure.

5.  Stepped up my learning and began filling in the holes of my photographic knowledge, which has been incredibly rewarding both personally and professionally.

6. Met some people who have changed my life.

Goals for the upcoming year:

1.  Grow my collector base in Atlanta.

2.  Continue to learn and connect to people.

3.  Move the careers forward of my artists in ways that are appropriate for them.

4.  Continue to think about how to move away from a traditional gallery model and create a platform and an experience that works for photographers and collectors and enriches both the Atlanta and larger photography communities.

There!  Done!  And the goals aren’t too overwhelming and lofty. . .

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4 Responses to Successes, Goals. . . I’m already sweating

  1. Grace Weston says:

    Jennifer, this is a great exercise that I try to get myself to do every New Year’s Day. Yet, I find I resist it, too! Why?! Congrats on wonderful accomplishments, thoughtful goals, and the gumption to tackle this. It is a very good thing to take stock! – Grace

  2. Jeani Elbaum says:

    Great stuff! Now just master that Holga… which is no small feat.

  3. Good luck with your goals! It seem you are moving along nicely!

  4. Jennifer,
    Your thinking is very positive and is right on target. I’m sure you will make progress in all of it. My Best, Bill DeLanney

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