San Francisco Treat

Last week I was in San Francisco, and I’m still reeling from all of the amazing photography experiences.  And the weather.  It’s August, and I was wearing a jacket and scarf.  I can’t even sit indoors in Atlanta in August and think about the word “jacket” without sweating profusely.  It was divine.

My primary purpose for making the trip out west was to do a Roundtable Review with David Bram and Ann Jastrab at RayKo on Friday, but I arrived on Tuesday afternoon ready to rock.  I have been obsessed with getting to Pier 24, which is a photographic exhibition space that hosts rotating exhibits and houses the Pilara Foundation Collection.  Pier 24 is open to the public but requires a reservation.  You cannot make a reservation more than 30 days in advance, and only twenty people are allowed in at a time.  I had the 30 days pre-trip date marked on my calendar for months, got my reservation, and had been unabashedly giddy about going.

It didn’t disappoint.  The current show is called “Here” and features over 700 images by 34 Bay Area photographers.  I wish there had been signage to identify the photographers and titles, but other than that, it was an hour (max time of visit) of blissful viewing.  Each room has its own feel.  The installations are perfection.  The work. . . yum.

This photograph by Larry Sultan gave me chills.  Couldn’t stop looking.

Antioch Creek, 2008 by Larry Sultan

Antioch Creek, 2008 by Larry Sultan

I could have gone home happy after the Pier 24 experience, but then there was Fraenkel.  Damn.  Give me a pillow, and I could live there.

Darius Himes was traveling, but he hooked David and me up with a back room viewing of some amazing Robert Adams, Lee Friedlander and Ralph Eugene Meatyard prints.  The photographs were gorgeous.  And then to look up from the prints to see the wood shelves with gray clamshell boxes with the most iconic photographers names on the outside.  The type A organization-freak in me was having a spiritual moment.  The photography lover in me was having a religious experience.  What a day.

We also stopped in to Cordon|Potts Gallery to see the current show and visit with Jan Potts.  And at Modernbook we got to see them working on the layout for a Jamie Baldridge monograph, which was exciting for me, because I have been following his work for years and had the chance to spend time with him last year in New Orleans.

Then!  Thursday night was the opening of the Fraction show at RayKo, which was fantastic.  It was really exciting to see prints of some work I had only previously viewed online.  The curation was excellent, the energy was overwhelmingly positive, and it was really exciting to be there.

Untitled 30624-9 by Tabitha Soren from "Fraction: Three Years in the Making" at RayKo Gallery

Untitled 30624-9 by Tabitha Soren from "Fraction: Three Years in the Making" at RayKo Gallery

After all of that excitement, I got to end my trip with a one day Roundtable Review.  This is the second Roundtable Review we have done, and I am such a fan of this format. Photographers have a single 30-minute review where they present their portfolios to a panel of three reviewers at one time.  There tends to be more dialog and problem solving about the work, as each reviewer brings a different perspective and different ideas.  Ann, David and I met with ten photographers and got to see a wide range of subject matter and style.  Love.

And then I took the red-eye so I could make it home for my baby’s first birthday.  More love.


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