China tomorrow!

It’s not every day you can say that.  Or any day really, since technically although I leave tomorrow from Atlanta at 8:30am, I don’t arrive in China until 6pm the next day.  I know there’s some sort of time zone/international date line explanation for this, but I prefer to think of it as an ancient Chinese secret (like Calgon).

I am honored to have been selected as one of the ten US curators for the Lishui Photo Festival.  Where exactly is Lishui, you ask?  Well, the best I can tell you at this point is that Lishui is an 8-hour overnight train ride from Shanghai, and that I have a reservation for a “hard bed” that I am imagining to be a least 12 inches too short.

Regardless of the potentially miniature sleeper bed, I am really excited to participate in this festival and two be bringing two talented Jennifer Schwartz Gallery photographers along.  The show I curated (the theme given to us was “American Life”) includes portrait-heavy images from Dave Anderson’s One Block series and Rachel Barrett’s Bolinas work.

I will be taking lots of pictures (with my new/old SX-70 camera and Impossible Film – holla!) and mental notes.  I have been told that access to US websites is extremely limited, so the blog may be quiet until I return.

So I’m off to the other side of the world!

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One Response to China tomorrow!

  1. Ellen Betzhold says:

    Travel safely and be prepared to have a stiff neck from looking down to everyone you meet. IF you find yourself in a crowded elevator, at least you’ll be able to breathe!!! Cousin Ellen

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