Taking China By Storm

Misty Shanghai turned into really rainy Shanghai about mid-day, at our farthest point from the hotel. But other than wearing a white shirt and getting quite a bit of attention for it, we still had a great time exploring the city.

After killing several hours in the hotel lobby and going for an evening adventure in search of coffee (make sure to ask Michael Sebastian to do his coffee-drinking mime the next time you see him), we headed to the train station to catch our overnight train to Lishui.

The dreaded overnight train turned out to be kind of insane but an experience so bizarre that it was awesome. The sleeping car was made up of cots stacked three high with about 12 inches between rows. Cozy. Claustrophobic. Community-building.

I doubled up on the Ambien and put Yo Yo Ma on the headphones to make it seem more like a scene from a movie than a real-life situation that involved me sleeping eight feet in the air and within touching distance to at least three other people. Success. And there was enough daylight in the morning to look out the window and see some of the countryside.

View from Above

Rollin' Shiny on the Orient Express

Arrived in Lishui

We arrived in Lishui this morning and have been installing work for the exhibition, which will continue tomorrow as well. The exhibition space is a cluster of old industrial buildings and the whole compound is teeming with photographers and curators from around the world. It is such an honor to be a part of this.

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2 Responses to Taking China By Storm

  1. Grace Weston says:

    So exciting, Jennifer! Thanks for giving us a peek into your adventures! Looking forward to more!

  2. So happy and so proud for you!

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