What Does Lust Look Like?

 Call for entries for a juried exhibition of photographs to be held at Jennifer Schwartz Gallery from March 23 to May 12.

 Juried by David Bram, Fraction Magazine

About the Juror:  David Bram is the editor, founder, and curator of Fraction Magazine, an online venue dedicated to fine art, contemporary photography. Fraction Magazine brings together diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from around the globe. Fraction Magazine was founded in 2008and has shown portfolios from more than 200 photographers.

Theme:  Lust

Lust is a passionate or overwhelming desire.  People lust for power, money, objects.  You can have a lust for life or an intense and eager enthusiasm.  And of course, there is sexual lust.

As an artist, what do you lust for?  What moves you to create?  What does lust look like?

A powerful image goes beyond the aesthetics of the subject matter and creates an emotional response in the viewer.  A strong and consistent emotional narrative in a body of work binds the imagery together in a deeper way than content alone.

This theme gives you the opportunity to elicit a powerful feeling in the viewer.

Show me lust.  Make me feel a passionate and overwhelming desire for something, anything.  Make me care about what you have to say and how you say it. 

Submissions:  You may enter up to five images.  Please email your submissions to submissions@jenniferschwartzgallery.com.  In the email body, please include your name and contact information.  Also include a numbered title list, date, and finished print size for each attachment you send.  Attach the jpegs of your images to the email (72dpi, 700 pixels on the long side).  Zip files are preferred.  Title your images to include your last name and image number (Schwartz1, Schwartz2, Schwartz3, etc.)

Submission deadline:  Monday, January 16 by midnight, EST

Submission fee:  $35 for 5 images.  After your submission is received, you will be emailed a PayPal invoice for your submission fee.  You may choose to mail a check to the gallery if you do not wish to pay online.

Notification:  Entrants will be notified by February 1 via email.  Accepted work should be framed according to specific guidelines provided at time of notification and delivered to the gallery by March 9.  Make certain your finished print is of exceptionally high quality and represents well the image that was emailed to us.  Any finished/framed work not meeting the framing or print quality guidelines will be turned away at the discretion of the gallery owner.

Exhbition dates:  March 23 to May 12

Winners:  In addition to the photographers whose work is selected for the exhibition, there will be three grand prize winners.  The Fraction Winner will have his or her work featured in an upcoming issue of Fraction Magazine.  The Gallery Winner will have an additional exhibition opportunity at Jennifer Schwartz Gallery.  And The Ten Winner will be invited to participate in The Ten (www.thetenphoto.com).

Sales:  All work in this exhibition will be for sale.  Guidelines for pricing will be discussed with those selected for participation.  Jennifer Schwartz Gallery will retain 50% of sales, and 50% will go to the photographer.

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