PhotoNOLA – The Friends, The Debauchery, The Photography

I got home from New Orleans late Monday night, but it has taken me quite a while to recover.  That place is fantastic.  And sinful.  And fantastic again.

Last year I was a portfolio reviewer for PhotoNOLA (for those who don’t know, it’s a fantastic photography festival run by JSG’s very own Jennifer Shaw).  I met wonderful people, saw great photography, and generally partied my butt off.  This year was no different, only I didn’t review, so there was more time for the meeting and partying.

A highlight was going with Dave Anderson to “The Block”.  (Dave’s photo project, “One Block”, chronicled a single block in the lower 9th ward of New Orleans for three years after Katrina. Aperture published the book last year, and we did an exhibition in October.)  We walked the block with the book, and he pointed out where many of the photographs were taken.  And then we had the most amazing evening at Marcus’ house – the friend Dave stays with on the block.  Marcus is the most interesting, dynamic, under-stated person I have ever met.  He fixed us a huge meal, taught us a celebrity sighting game and gave us a tour of his extensive (and incredibly humorous) folk art collection.

And the eating didn’t end there.  Or the seeing photography or the meeting new people.  I love New Orleans, and I applaud Jennifer Shaw and her whole team for putting together yet another fantastic, educational and motivating photography festival.

with four of my super talented girls - Heidi Kirkpatrick, Lisette de Boisblanc, Kathleen Robbins and Heidi Lender

with Dave Anderson, reenacting our first meeting

bacon ice cream sundae - a life-changing culinary experience

getting my Nola on


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