Kathleen Robbins. . .which photograph to buy?

I first met Kathleen last summer. I had seen her work online and had always heard great things about her personally and professionally, and then she was in Atlanta and made an appointment (love that!) to meet with me at the gallery and show me her prints.

A few months later we were showing six of her 30×30 photographs from her Flatlands series in our Outlands show, and they blew everyone away. That work was exhibited in seven different shows at that time (two solo and five group) and nominated for a major award.  How’s that for talent?

And now her new work, In Cotton, is starting to turn some major heads, and with good reason.  Three shows already, and she won the PhotoNOLA Review Prize just a few weeks ago.  Basically, she’s a rockstar (but why would I represent any less??).

But the big question is this – which image should I get for my personal collection? I have loved the Flatlands work for a long time now. I live with three large prints in my office (have I mentioned I love my job?). But the Cotton work just blows me away.

I vacillate daily between two images, so let’s put it up to a vote. Weigh in people, it takes a village.

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5 Responses to Kathleen Robbins. . .which photograph to buy?

  1. Kathleen IS a rockstar! And as one of her former students and one of her friends, I can say she is the most humble person I’ve ever met. I love her and think she is amazing, wonderful person and quite deserving of this publicity and notoriety! I saw her newest Mississippi photographs (proofs!) when she returned from Mississippi a couple of months ago. They were aligned on a wall in her office of her home and wow, they blew me away, gorgeous stuff! Yay Kathleen!!

  2. Alex Leme says:

    They are EXACTLY my favorite also!!!

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