Talking the Talk

Last year I was speaking with  Fraction Magazine founder and editor (and twitter addict) David Bram about social media and the amazing online photography community.  Our conversation developed into a talk and presentation called “Photography in the Age of Social Media” that we have now given twice.

We were first invited to give this presentation at FotoFusion in West Palm Beach, Florida in January.  FotoFusion is a really interesting festival with great panels, lectures and seminars.  The audience was definitely skewed toward an older crowd though, and our talk went from “what not to post on Facebook” to “Facebook is a website. . .”.  Still, the talk was well-received, and a blast to do.

Our second time was to a completely different audience – the photography students at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC.  David and I were invited to give the Social Media talk, lecture to a class, meet with the graduate students, critique several student projects, and generally hang out and talk photo.  It was amazing.  Here are a few pictures from the trip (collected from various iphones – not a representation of the photographic talent we saw there!).

Talking to students about editioning their work at the Tapp's Art Center. David appears to be tweeting. . .

"Photography in the Age of Social Media" talk

during a crit

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