Tattoo You, Tattoo Me

I got my first tattoo when I was 30.  It was about my kids, my life at that moment.  I was in New York City on a girls’ trip, and I was holding the hand of my oldest friend.  It was perfect.

I got my second tattoo in Portland during Photolucida, a photography festival.  I was holding the hand of my best friend, and yes, I put a bird on it in Portland.

So I’m all about the time and place.  It also matters who I am with and the challenge I am currently facing.

If you are reading this blog, you are well aware of the challenge.  I am totally committed to this Crusade, to working toward an incredibly challenging goal, to driving an undriveable bus around the country.  But if I think about it for too long, my head will explode.

This is my tattoo – it is a famous quote by Rabbi Nachman of Breslav: The whole world is a very narrow bridge.  The most important part is to not be afraid.

Recognize your challenges, face your fears, work to cross your bridge.

You are watching me cross mine.  

A big thank you to Jason Houston for taking these pictures and being my person.

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2 Responses to Tattoo You, Tattoo Me

  1. Jim Dricker says:

    Gesher tzur m’ode!

  2. kc says:

    You go girl! I am working on my first tattoo. I want it to be special forever. Got the design and now need a push. Your blog just nudged me enuf to Move forward! Life is a narrow bridge. Do we cross or stay safe? I say go for tour goals!

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