Emmet Gowin, Flux, Portfolio Reviews – an ACP weekend for the record books

This past weekend was the official kick-off to the Atlanta Celebrates Photography festival (although there have been fabulous openings, events and lectures for weeks – that’s just how Atlanta rolls).

Emmet Gowin gave a lecture at the High.  But to call it a lecture seems like such an understatement.  It was a revelation, an inspiration, a mind-blowing evening with everyone listening to his poetic, heart-felt words in a rapt trance.  And no, I’m not over-selling it.  I so hope it was taped, because I could watch it again and again.  And then I would make you watch it with me too.

By Friday all of the reviewers made it into town and did a tour of the photography galleries (mine was the first stop – mimosas and doughnuts) and the current exhibit at the High.  Friday night we were treated to a fantastic dinner at Caroline Carr and Michael Gibson’s stunning home in Castleberry (Arnika and Stephen Dawkins and Angela West and Phil Sanford were also hosts).  Then we hit the town for Flux.

Love Flux.

It’s strange and wild and a feast for the senses.  Here is my amateur video attempt to give you an idea (click on the image to play).

Saturday was a full day of portfolio reviews.  Each reviewer sat with 15 photographers for twenty minutes each.  I saw a lot of work I had not seen before and really enjoyed getting acquainted with such a diverse mix of photographers.  It was an exhausting day, but I love looking at and talking about photography.  My job is pretty fantastic.

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